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What to Expect at the CrossFit Games 2021

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CrossFit Games 2021 is nearing and many participants are excited. Along with the usual CrossFit Games competitions like those for men, there will also be events for women. We're all familiar with the Reebok's equipment, the Pegboard contest, and the Cutting system. But what do we know about the womens' competition? Continue reading to find out! And don't forget to check out the CrossFit news page for updates on the competition!

Women are competing

The 2021 Crossfit Games' women's competition started this morning with the swim race. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr and Jonne Koski won in the first event. Koski took the overall title after she held her lead through the entire competition. Tall and Eramo O'Connell finished second and third, respectively. It was the first Games women's event and the women hoped to complete it.

The women's contest is filled with high-level athletes. Nine athletes are represented in the field, including a young Australian powerhouse who won last year's competition. Kara Saunders of Australia, who was second in Australia and eleventh in the world in 2020, are also contenders. Andrea Nisler (who competed as a team in the 2018 division, finishing third in the United States and fifteenth overall for 2020) is another rising star. This competition will include these athletes and Sara Sigmundsdottir of Iceland, a newcomer to Crossfit. She won the first place Medal at the World Crossfit Games earlier.

Pegboard contest

Pegboard contest at Crossfit Games 2121 was a new concept. It was also added to the Games' Olympic summer program. Toomey-Orr, who won 30 games events, holds the record of most wins in one Games event. Sager won Event 11 men's and received his third Games win. Although there were many ties, Toomey-Orr's dominance wasn't enough to prevent him from winning the contest.

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CrossFit Games is a training program that focuses on 10 general fitness skills. These include strength, flexibility, power and speed as well as cardiovascular endurance. Pegboard competition tests competitors' grip strength, coordination, and speed. The athletes compete on a scale by holding two wooden pegs between their hands. After completing the Pegboard, the competition was intense and athletes felt a sense of accomplishment.

System of cutting

The CrossFit Games will once again employ a cutting system for the individual competition. While it's not as extreme or drastic as in previous Games, this year is very different. The competition consists of 15 individual events, so a first cut to 30 athletes is likely after the seventh or eighth event. One question that remains is how CrossFit will adjust the points distribution after cuts. The scoring system used in 2019 was virtually identical to the 2021 one, so it is probable that this will continue.

This year's CrossFit Games field includes 236 athletes. It is the largest ever. Major cuts are made at the six initial events. The field is now reduced to 75. The top 30 competitors then compete in the sprint couplet to determine which athlete is number ten. The top 20 athletes then compete in six more events. Castro's system was strongly criticised by former Games participants, who felt that cuts were too substantial.

Reebok's equipment

Reebok has released new CrossFit Games shoes, clothing and equipment. The Nano X1 shoes are the new model. They are designed to suit multiple fitness requirements. Reebok claims this shoe is "the shoe that will fit all your fitness needs," but it's more like a regular training shoe. The shoe's upper is made from DuPont's Kevlar material, which promotes durability and breathability. The shoes' responsiveness is enhanced thanks to the RopePro tech and the firm midsole.

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CrossFit and Reebok's partnership will end in 2020. Reebok has been sponsoring the Games for over a decade and now it is clear that its involvement will be declining. Reebok will not fund the Games' prize pool, but it will still make all the equipment and apparel worn by athletes, even the Reebok gear. However, the company will no longer refer to itself as the "Reebok CrossFit Games" as it does now.

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In contrast, aerobic fitness refers to sustaining continuous low-intensity exercise. When performing aerobic exercises oxygen is used to fuel the cells. In other words, the aerobic pathway provides more energy than the anaerobic pathway.

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What to Expect at the CrossFit Games 2021