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Videos by Sammy Franco (Self Defense) and Shihan Mike Pace

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These videos will teach you self defense. These videos were taught by Shihan Michael Pace and Sammy Franco, who are both masters in contemporary fighting arts. You'll find that these men's techniques are both effective and easy to learn. These men's techniques are also effective in helping you to keep your head above water even when you find yourself in an extremely dangerous situation. Here are some things to look out for in these videos.

Sammy Franco

Look no further if you're looking for the best Sammy Franco self-defense videos. Sammy Franco founded the well-respected contemporary fighting arts program Widow Maker. His methods are unmatched in their ability to cause destruction and shock, and have helped thousands of students all over the globe. Unleash Hell book 3 in the Widow Maker Compendium. It provides advanced concepts in fighting, such as weapon integration, environmental exploit, and traumatic schemes.

Sammy Franco has extensive experience in reality based self defense. His training has earned him the distinction of being a Law Enforcement Master Instructor, and he has designed officer survival training for the United States Border Patrol. His students include US Secret Service personnel, military Special Forces agents, Montgomery County, Maryland deputy sheriffs and US Library of Congress officers. His videos have been viewed millions of times worldwide. Each level of a martial artist has a Sammy Franco Video.

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Shihan Michael Pace

By watching a video by Shihan Mich Pace, you can learn basic techniques and take up martial art for free. He teaches them five days per week and his videos are focused on street fighting and self-defense techniques. A free self-defense course is also offered by him. This online course is highly recommended by martial arts practitioners and non-martial artists alike.

Although most martial arts instructors would be happy to train students for nothing, it is more effective to learn from a master. This martial artist is an expert at sparring and kata. He also has a vast knowledge of karate history and has promoted many black belts. You will learn to defend yourself and how you should defend yourself in case of violent attacks.

Sammy Franco's Contemporary Fighting Arts

Sammy Franco was one of the founders of reality-based defense. He is well-known as a leader in hand-to, and armed, combat. His contemporary system combines martial arts elements with street-oriented, practical combat skills to protect you. Sammy Franco is the author of 14 books, numerous articles and more than 60 self-defense videos.

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Franco teaches The WidowMaker Program. It's the most extreme hand–to-hand combat system. Franco teaches law-abiding citizens how extreme force can be used to defend themselves. This material is NOT intended for tournaments or sport combat. This material is intended to be used in self-defense situations where deadly force is not necessary. This resource can be a useful one if self-defense is your concern.

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Do you allow me to go to the fitness center 7 days a semaine?

You can go to your gym seven days a semaine, but not simultaneously. You need to find a time that you are able to do this without feeling exhausted or drained.

This will help to keep you focused and give you energy for other things.

Also, ensure you eat healthy during these times. This will ensure that you aren't tired and slow when you go to the gym.

Last, make sure there aren't any other things competing with your time. If you have children, it is a good idea to avoid going to school on the evenings as they can distract from your workout.

What foods should I avoid when trying lose weight?

Avoid trans fats. Trans fats raise LDL (the bad) cholesterol levels and reduce HDL (the good) cholesterol levels.

Trans fats may be found in deep-fried, fast food, packaged bake goods, snack cakes, or other processed food.

These unhealthy fats also cause inflammation, leading to heart disease and diabetes.

Avoid eating foods that contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are linked to an increased risk of cancer.

These chemicals can be found in soft drinks, chewing gum, and candy bars. They can also be found in other foods like meat, poultry, and eggs.

Artificial sweeteners include saccharin.

The American Heart Association advises against using these chemicals, as they could damage DNA.

Is Cardio Better Than Strength Training?

Both are equally beneficial. For those who want to gain muscle quicker, cardio is a better choice.

Cardio burns far more calories per min than strength training. It also burns fat more efficiently.

Strength training helps build muscle mass. But it takes longer than cardio to accomplish this goal.

Is cardio exercise good for your health or bad?

Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits. It improves blood circulation, strengthens heart muscle, gives you energy, and can even help you lose weight.

Cardiovascular exercise includes running, biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, etc.

Cardio exercises should be avoided at high intensity levels. This could result in injury.

You should only perform the cardiovascular exercise if you are feeling well.

It is important not to push yourself beyond your limits. Otherwise, you could end up injuring yourself.

Cardiovascular exercise is best done warm-up first. You can then gradually increase your intensity.

You must always listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel pain during cardiovascular exercise, stop immediately.

After a cardiovascular training session, it is recommended that you take some time to relax. This will give your muscles time for recovery.

Cardiovascular exercise can help you lose weight.

This is the best way to lose weight and belly fat.

Is it true to say that protein overeating can lead to kidney stones?

Protein helps maintain healthy bone and tissue. Consuming too much protein can result is calcium excretion via urine. In turn, this can result in kidney stones.

It's important to note that not everyone gets kidney stones after eating more than 2 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight. People can eat large amounts of protein and not get kidney stones.

Watching your sodium intake can help prevent kidney stones. Sodium regulates the water balance of the kidneys. Too much sodium can lead to kidney stones.

You can also try reducing your protein intake if you get kidney stones. The majority of adults need protein for half their daily caloric needs. If you cut back on protein, you'll likely lose weight.

If you do decide to eat more protein, don't go overboard. Aim for less than 20% of total calories from protein.

Do Men Need A Gym Membership?

For men, a gym membership is not required. But, if you do join a gym, it will make your money go further.

Many gyms offer free trial memberships so you can try the facilities out before paying for anything.

You can use the gym whenever you like, and it won't cost anything. It's easy to cancel your membership when you decide whether or not you love the gym.

Why Metabolic Well-being is the Key to Aging Well

People are living longer today than ever. However, as they age, so do their chances of getting sicker. Our current medical science approach is not working, even though we've made many advances.

We need to change how we think about health and aging. Healthy aging is possible only if we look at our metabolic health, not just weight loss, but also overall well-being.

If you want to live a healthy, active lifestyle for the rest of your life, it is important to maintain a strong metabolism throughout your entire life.

There are many methods to improve your metabolic state. These 7 foods can be incorporated into your diet.

  1. Resveratrol has been proven to increase cellular longevity. They also contain vitamins C & E, as well as antioxidants.
  2. Beans such as pinto beans and lentils provide excellent fiber and plant protein. These nutrients keep blood sugar levels stable so that they don't spike or crash.
  3. Broccoli's sulforaphane has been shown to protect DNA from damage in research. It might even slow down the progression of cancer.
  4. Chia Seeds are high-in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and other nutrients. They are also high in antioxidants and proteins. All of these nutrients can promote heart health and brain function as well as gut health.
  5. Green Tea contains polyphenols called catechins. Studies show that catechins in green Tea can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, stroke, cognitive decline, and bone fractures.
  6. Salmonis high in protein and rich in vitamin D is one of the most popular sources of lean proteins.
  7. Walnuts contain omega-3s and antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid (ALA). ALA boosts energy production and reduces inflammation.


  • 10 pounds in a month is likely during a lean bulking phase, especially for beginners. (muscleandstrength.com)
  • Candidates and applicants must pass all four tests at 70% (minimum level) to graduate from Basic Deputy U.S. Marshal (BDUSM) Training. (usmarshals.gov)
  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), men over 50 are at a heightened risk of developing it. (healthline.com)
  • The PRS enabled risk stratification for overall prostate cancer and lethal disease with a four-fold difference between men in the highest and lowest quartiles (HR, 4.32; 95% confidence interval [CI], 3.16-5.89). (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
  • Get free shipping and 25% off today. (healthline.com)

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What should you eat before you go to work?

To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn during exercise. You should also consume all nutrients.

This includes protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.

The best way to achieve this is to eat smaller meals throughout a day rather than three large meals.

If you are too hungry when working out, you might not perform as well as if you had appropriately eaten beforehand.

Consider drinking water rather than sugary energy drinks. This will help you stay hydrated as well as energized.

However, make sure you are consuming enough fluids. You could lose electrolytes if you drink too much water.

For proper functioning, your body requires electrolytes.

You can drink sports drinks if you don’t have access water. They are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as other minerals.

This help replenishes lost electrolytes. They won't be able to replace the electrolytes you have lost through sweating.

If you're worried about losing too much salt during exercise, you could take a multivitamin pill.

These contain extra vitamin B6 which helps regulate the amount of sodium in your body.

Supplements shouldn't be used if you don’t know how much salt is in food and beverages.

They are not subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

Certain brands of sports drinks might contain more sodium than others.

Some sports drinks might contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or both. These can cause problems with the digestive system.

If you are worried about too much salt, you could try sea salt.

It contains fewer chemicals that table salt.

Sea salt also has low levels of iodine which is another mineral that is essential for healthy thyroid function.


Videos by Sammy Franco (Self Defense) and Shihan Mike Pace